We are gardeners, too

We are passionate gardeners who enjoy the incredible experience of growing and harvesting vegetables without chemical additives. We believe there is no substitute for the care and attention of a local family when growing food for their own table. We believe families and communities and countries become physically, economically and spiritually stronger when they are empowered with the ability to feed themselves and share with each other. We believe gardening teaches us lessons on how to work and live well and thankfulness for the generosity of creation through sunshine, rain, and the miracle of growing things.

We want to share with others how practical and easy to manage our raised bed gardens have been. We have five 4 x 8 garden beds in a single line on an un-shaded south facing boundary of our property. We installed drip irrigation on an automatic timer. We have full lives beside our gardens so we try to keep it simple! Early in the season we buy and directly sow seeds under the mini-greenhouse cold-frames hinged over the tops of our beds. Because of the greenhouse tops the seedlings thrive and germination is easy. We choose seeds selected for our regional climate conditions (a short Seattle growing season–usually not too hot) hopefully we’ll save some of our own seed this year. We buy starts of any plants that are too fussy about germination. We love the square foot gardening methods—when we plant we divide the soil into grids with string—productivity is great. We also follow companion planting guides; the beds make it easy to rotate crops annually to keep the soil healthy.

In the growing season we enjoy early morning coffee while strolling through the raised beds. It’s a great time to sit on the frames and chat while we pull weed seedlings and plan dinner. We’ll take our basket and pick lettuce or tonight’s veggies—things that feed the body. To witness the bounty of watching seeds we planted grow and produce hundreds of fruits brings a sense of wonder and thankfulness—that feeds the soul. At times, things we have planted aren’t perfect; tomato blight and cabbage moths have to be dealt with—and that informs the spirit. I wouldn’t trade all the lessons I’ve learned from the garden for a wheelbarrow of self-help books. All-in-all, we find gardening a rewarding experience; yeah, we are made in the image of a Passionate Gardener.

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