What materials do I need to purchase for each bed (4×8)?

  • 3 1/2″  and  2 1/2″ screws
  • 8×16″ concrete blocks
  • 2x4x8′ long boards (treated Cedar, Redwood or Sunwood)
  • 2x2x8′ long boards (treated Cedar, Redwood or Sunwood)

Where can I purchase these materials?

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Your local lumber and hardware stores

What tools will I need?

  • tape meaure
  • pencil
  • Quick Square
  • Level
  • Drill or Screw Gun
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • Phillips head bit for screw gun
  • Saw (hand or power)

Optional tools

  • Saw Horse
  • Clamps

What can I expect to pay for these materials?

Pricing for all the materials, excluding the soil, were purchased for about $100 from a local Home Depot.

I don’ t have a power saw, what can I use?

Power tools are not necessary to build with our plans, they do however make it go faster. If you do not have access to a power saw, we have provided instructions for using a hand saw and a miter jig.

What kind of surface can I install a raised bed on?

This raised bed can be installed on concrete, gravel, pavement, grass or just plain dirt.

What is the best location to install the raised bed?

Install in a location that gets a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Close to a water source.

What type of soil should I use?

You will need about 32 cubic feet of soil to fill the raised bed. You can purchase bulk top soil or garden mix, from your local nursery, bagged top soil or regular dirt from your yard mixed with compost.

Can I use the “Square Foot” method of planting?

Yes, we have included instruction to divide the raised bed into 21 square foot spaces. We have also included a “Planting Spread Sheet”, which is designed to work with the 21 square foot spaces in the raised bed or beds.

Why “Square Foot” gardening?

  • 100% harvest
  • 50% Costs
  • 20% Space
  • 10 % Water
  • 5% Seeds
  • 2% Work

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