Create affordable and beautiful raised garden beds.

Easy, step by step instructions with photos and material list.

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Build these raised beds with minimal construction

Most plans require carpentry skills and are constructed completely of expensive lumber. Our unique concrete paver design saves hours of construction and hundreds of dollars using minimal lumber and basic construction.

Includes materials and tools list to create ready-to-plant.

Our Plans

Avoid do-it-yourself mistakes with easy to follow instructions and easy to purchase materials. You choose the minimal or expanded tools list – choose and prepare a site and follow step-by-step photos with text – you can to create ready-to-plant beds in your own yard whether you are a beginner or an expert. 

Compare and save-buy your own supplies from your local home store for about $100. This exclusive eco-friendly design using concrete pavers creates beautiful, sustainable, long-lasting raised garden beds far more economically than plans found for free elsewhere! You will save money and time with a minimal investment in step-by-step plans with this unique construction.

Build your garden in just a few hours.

Raised bed gardening is less labor intensive and more productive. Promoters of the square foot gardening method, often say that you get 100% of the harvest, 50% of the cost, use 20% of the space, 10 % of the water, 5% of the seeds, and 2% of the work.

You can create your own raised garden bed on a prepared surface in 4-5 hours. These exclusive plans make raised garden beds easy to build and assemble.

Raised beds promote healthy soil without tilling, make it easy to add soil amendments, and eliminate rocks or weeds.

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Instantly download these exclusive plans with a few clicks. Then follow these simple instructions with step by step photos.

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